Sand Dune Stackable Bracelet

sandduneStackables are a mix and match collection of bracelets designed for today’s trendy look. Each bracelet has been carefully crafted to wear alone or stacked with complementary colors and motifs for a distinct, individualized style. The bracelets are comfortable and easy to wear as they stretch, slipping over your wrist.

The Sand Dune Stackable is warm and welcoming. The earthy tones of caramel, brown and mocha colored australian picture jasper look like a watercolor of desert landscapes. Highly polished bronze spacers add to the feeling of the outback bush. A replica Widow’s Mite coin hangs from a textured bronze bail completing the bracelet. The Sand Dune Stackable is 7” in circumference.

Pair this with any Stackable – it looks great with the turquoise Fleur-de-lis.

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Autumn Leaves Bracelet

autumnleavesAutumn Leaves Bracelet is an homage to the beauty of nature as she prepares for the long slumber of winter. The multi-hued leaves contrasting with the deep color of the pearls evokes the play of light and shadow among the forest.

Each element in the Autumn Leaves Bracelet is individually wire wrapped to a vintage bronze chain creating gentle movement and sway to the piece. Dark chocolate and white fresh water pearls are clustered around leaf shaped hand-carved shell. Crystal Copper Swarovski cubes are hidden among the leaves adding elements of light and sparkle.

The Autumn Leaves Bracelet is 7 1/4″ long and finished with a freeform design bronze toggle clasp.

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Magpie Bracelet

magpieMagpies are lovely birds with glossy black and immaculate white plumage. As a part of the Crow family (Corvidae) they are extremely intelligent, clever and adaptable. Long associated with myth and legend, the Magpie has been deemed both lucky charm and evil totem. Ancient folklore expresses this dichotomy as a double edged sword. One must master the inquisitive, curious aspect of the Magpie to achieve all things. Left unmastered this dynamic energy can be self-destructive. Their raucous chatter can be harnessed for quick, witty bon mots or become destructive gossip. The Magpie’s love of shiny things can turn one into a petty thief or used to attract positive resources and people into your life.

The Magpie Bracelet is a circlet of interlocking black onyx links. Each link is highly polished and faceted on the edges while smooth and matte on the body reflecting the duality of the Magpie. One large, shiny silver round bead takes the premiere place as the dominant visual element. The Magpie Bracelet is 7 ½” long and finished with a smooth sterling silver toggle.

Wear the Magpie Bracelet as your special talisman to control and exploit the distinct and discrete characteristics we all possess.

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