So I believe I have figured out my difficulty with Xampp.  If my thinking is correct I have been trying to use it as if it is connected to the internet. Meaning, every time I go to download a new theme or plugin or such I am given this message of FTP user must be validated.  Then it goes on to ask for all these different passwords and user names and things I know nothing about.  So doing my due diligence I scoured the internet for answers. You’d think that at least one of these sites would remind the user that Xampp is a local host so of course you can’t access the internet that way.  Or so I think.  I could be wrong, oh so very wrong, but at this moment that is my working premise.  At some point I am going to understand all of these tools at my disposal and how to use them and in which order to best use them.  I am looking forward to that day because then I can start to focus on the true nature of my blog and site and not keep humiliating myself with my lack of knowledge about the set up of my site.  However, as I promised at the beginning  I am keeping this site and my ups and downs of navigating the cyberworld as transparent as possible.  Soon, very soon we shall start seeing my personal page and shopping area so you all can be treated to a visual delight of beautiful handcrafted jewelry.  Til then you all will have to amuse yourselves by laughing at my plight thru the land of Cyber.  So be it.

Since we are on the subject of my art and jewelry I would like to show you a piece I have in progress.  This is one of the polymer sculptures I make.  I have been inspired by the artist Christi Friesen in my polymer figures.  I love the way  she makes her pieces with such a sense of life and vitality.  So I took the ideas from her books and turned them into my own interpretation.  I like to play with the colors and way you can create a palette of your own from just a few basic colors.  Blue dragonAnyhow, this particular piece is possibly my favorite.  I simply adore his little face and the detailing of the moss on the rocks is inspired if I do say so myself!  As with any craft or technique there is plenty of trial and error.  Mostly error some days but as Edison famously said – I didn’t fail, I found 1000 different ways not to do this.  Tail detail of dragonExactly.  When I get too hard on myself because my piece didn’t live up to my expectations I  try to sit back and reframe my frustration and look at what did work as well as what did I learn here.  Many times, not always, this will help me from going crazy – or crazier, depending on who you ask – over little things and focusing on the successes of the piece and not the perceived failures.  And remember it is perceived failure because you, the artist, have the vision in your head and only you know where you made your “mistakes”.  That is not to say put up a piece of junk and call it art but do keep in mind that art is always evolving as is the artist.  So, don’t beat yourself up, look at the great parts of your piece and start over again tomorrow.

Uh, for some unknown reason I can’t upload my photos at the moment.  So you will have to wait while I try to figure out this latest obstacle in my path.  Should you chose to hold the line while I attempt a fix – here is some light jazz for you listening entertainment.  Just kidding, I don’t know how to do that either.  :)

Peace out!

Update- I figured out what went wrong with my original upload of my photos.  They were WAY TOO BIG!!!  We are talking giant files of image data.  Who knew?  When I look at them on my computer I somehow assumed that the thumbnail was the size of the photo.  Not the brightest bulb some days but now I have it under control.  At least for the day.

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