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Yes I am still here.  It has been quite the week.  I gave myself a black eye; managed to figure out how to use Xampp; signed up for several business and branding blogs and still found time to read a pulp fiction thriller.  Whew, I am exhausted just looking at my list!  What’s that?  You want to know about my black eye?  You sure you don’t want to hear about something much more interesting like my successful foray into Xampp?  No?  Of course not.  The black eye story is far more salacious sounding than any of the other items I listed.  I should have known better than to first of all add it to the list and secondly to lead with that seemingly exciting story.  Well I hate to break it to you but the story is not only dull it unfortunately makes me look like a klutz at best and a downright walking disaster at worst.  Ok, here’s the story.  You know how I have been talking about my camera and learning to use it and figuring out all the bells and whistles.  In my self-tutorial I came to the realization that I need a good tripod for the type of photos that I will mostly be creating.  I had purchased a couple different styles from Target and quickly decided they would not fit my needs as they were too wimpy and I didn’t trust that they would keep my expensive camera from falling on its face.  So I started looking on craigslist (you all know how much I love that site) and found the perfect tripod at a super-duper price.  I got a Manfrotto 3021 with a 3 way Bogen head.  It is perfect, well a bit heavy but I wanted great stability and that is what I have now.  So where does the black eye fit in?  I had hoped you forgot about that.  Sigh.  Ok.  So I get it home and I am placing it around my studio space finding the best place for it to be.  You know, easy access but out of the way of foot traffic.  I found the place for it and put it in its new home and as I was setting it up I noticed a piece of scrap paper on the floor just next to one of the tripod legs.  So naturally I bent down to retrieve said snip of garbage when BAM! I knock myself on one of the levers that adjusts the head of the tripod.  Yup, I did it to myself.  The worst part is when it happened I said to myself – oh that is sooo going to leave a mark.  Sure enough, it did.  So the eye starts to get black and as I tell the story over and over again to colleagues at work I notice that there is a look they all have.  You kbirdnow the one – the one that clearly says (without any words) yeah, right that is what happened.  I think – what in the world am I saying to get that look when it comes to me.  I sound like one of those battered wives who always manage to run into doors or fall on their face or drop the groceries on their foot resulting in a broken leg.  Let me be perfectly clear here – in no way does my story indicate that I am ridiculing the plight of battered women.  It is a dreadful and appalling life and I have seen too many of these women as patients to mock them.  I am mocking myself.  Clear?  So back to the story.  I realize that any attempt at refuting the look is going to end up simply validating their belief that I am covering up something much more sinister.  While part of me is amused by the immediate wrong perception the larger part is confounded.  If a person believed that I was being harmed in some way, why not just ask and see if there is a way to help.  Which of course made me think even more globally.  Why do we sit on the sidelines if we see a problem or see someone in need of help instead of offering what we can?  Maybe it is nothing more than a kind word or two that is needed.  We are quick to jump to conclusions – right or wrong – but not so quick to jump in and help.  We are quick to gossip and speculate but slow to respond in a meaningful way to what we perceive to be an injustice to another.  Perhaps we should take a moment to reflect on our behavior and at least ask if there is a problem rather than running to the water cooler and discussing it among those that don’t know anything about the actual issue.  Just a thought and one that I will be adding to my behavior.  You know the quote – all evil needs to triumph is for good men (and women) to do nothing.  Well as of today I vow to take a more active role in doing good for not only myself but for my fellow man.  And to work on my inherent klutziness and not give myself any more black eyes.

p.s.  the photo is just pretty and has nothing to do with the post.


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