Texas Tea Bracelet

texas tea braceletWe have all heard the story of how the dinosaurs became extinct and then turned into fossil fuel after undergoing years of intense heat and pressure. Did you know that much of the petroleum that is found is actually made up of zooplankton and algae? True story. That viscous black liquid that drives industrialized civilization is from tiny, ocean dwelling organisms not giant, lumbering terrestrial beasts.

The Texas Tea Bracelet is made of twisted and faceted black onyx beads. Each bead has been individually wire wrapped to a free-form hand cast bronze ring. A hammered bronze cross dangles from the bracelet giving it an element of golden radiance. A stylized bronze S-hook clasp finishes the 7 ½” bracelet.

The liberal use of fossil fuels can have a negative impact on the Earth’s biosphere by releasing pollutants and greeenhouse gases that damage ecosystems. Let’s all make a pact to use our resources wisely and safely. Wear the Black Gold bracelet to free your inner ecoterrorist in a nonviolent but powerful manner.

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